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Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning Prices You Can Trust

We use environmentally friendly organic/green carpet cleaning agents that are safe for your family and pets, and these cleaning agents will not void your carpet’s warranty. We happily explain more about the cleaning solutions we use, so just ask us! We clean carpets and rugs using our commercial-grade equipment, which heats water until it produces steam at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is some information about the Carpet Cleaning Process and Prices.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Inspect carpet area
  • Inspect stained areas of concern
  • Pre-condition carpets with environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Agitate cleaning agent into carpets if needed
  • Steam clean carpet at 230 degrees
  • Use rinsing agent to soften the feel of the carpet
  • Deodorize carpet
  • Groom/Rake to improve air circulation into carpet fibers (if needed)

How much is carpet cleaning?

  • 3 Rooms $120 (Our most popular price option!)
  • Only $40 per extra room after that
  • Hallways and walk-in closets are $40 each
  • Stairs are only $3 per step
  • Includes pre-treatment for soil and stains and also free deodorizer
  • Pet Treatment $40 per area
  • 3M Scotchgard $30 per room
  • Red Stains will be priced onsite

Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaning Options

High traffic areas on carpets are often common walkways, hallways, or other locations that receive heavy foot traffic. These areas need additional treatment to keep the carpet clean to avoid some of the wear and tear, and that can sometimes increase the carpet cleaning price, so let us take a look at your carpet, and we will give you a quote. Even if you have a warranty on your carpet, we recommend cleaning high-traffic areas every six months to extend your carpet’s life and look.

Call C3 For Your Next Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, C3 can offer competitive prices and excellent service! Give us a call today at 214-883-1713 or check out our online scheduler below to get an accurate price for the cost of your upholstery cleaning!

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