Air duct cleaning is a process to clean the heating and cooling system components of forced air systems…or simply put, it’s air duct cleaning.  It reduces the allergens from pet dander, dust, and dirt that make their way into your house.  These allergens can irritate people with sinus problems, asthma, or other related respiratory challenges.
We use the Roto Brush® powerfully brushes and vacuums pollutants out of your ducts to improve the quality of air you breath.

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What kind of unit do you use?  

RotoBrush® Cleaning Equipment

We perform all air duct cleaning with Professional state of the art, RotoBrush® Machine Brush to give you the best clean possible.  The dust and mold moves directly out to our truck.

Our Cleaning Process

  • Vent cover is removed from each vent
  •  Flexible tubing from the Rotobrush® machine are fed into duckwork
  •  Rotating brush and vacuum spin and pull out dirt and allergens
  •  We brush and clean all vents in the system
  •  We clean the vent grill and put everything back into place
  •  Fog all vents with non-allergenic anti-microbiological treatment
  •  We collect all dirt and dust and haul it away.
  •  Air duct cleaning should be cleaned every 2-5 years depending on your home occupants and pets.

We service the entire North Texas Area for all your Air Duct Cleaning Needs: $30.00 per large room.

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