Our job is to make your carpets clean and healthy.  Whether that means two cleanings a year or regular pet treatments for your carpet.  We are NOT in the business of making you pay more.  We will not bait and switch you.  Aside from taxes, unless you specifically ask for additional treatment on your carpet, we will not charge you more than the prices listed.

There are different types of stains in your carpet.  Common household contaminants, like dirt, oil from your feet, food particles, drink spills, etc. account for about 90-95% of common household stains that can be removed through professional steam cleaning.

The other 5-10% are usually pet stains, along with Red or Blue stains.  Believe it or not, your canine’s urine accidents in the carpet mean more than you realize.  There is detail below about pet stains, as well as detail about Red stains.

Plain and simple: the chemical makeup of pet/red/blue stains are different than the others and require different cleaning agents.  As such, they affect what we use to remove those particles from the carpet.

Removing Pet Stains

Pet Stains are not the same as spilled coffee or tea, or even wine.  Why?  Even if you soak up accidents immediately, it is likely soaked into the padding, even more so if you added water to your towel beforehand.

Pet stains have uric acid, which has ammonia that gets trapped deep within your carpet and further into your padding.  Remember that an animals sense of smell is more acute than yours so he/she can detect areas where they’ve already had an accident and it will reinforce their natural instinct to continue to have accidents.

Our cleaning agents liquefy the uric acid then we extract them from your carpet.  This requires additional treatment and product applied to your carpet which eliminate the odor and remove the uric acid completely.

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