As a Upholstery Cleaner, we clean your furniture much in the same way as carpet.  For upholstery pieces that are heavily soiled, some spot treatment may be required.  Depending on the level of treatment additional fees may apply.

The dust and dirt brought into the home can settle into upholstered furniture and carpet.  Having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned on a regular basis helps prevent damage to fabric by removing soil particles that can abrade the fabric and permanently change the appearance of your upholstered furniture.  Also, many allergens are contained within the upholstery as well.  Having them professionally removed from your furniture helps minimize allergic reactions from dust mites and other pollutants.
Cleaning your upholstery we use a similar process as in caring for your carpet.  Upholstery typically comes in a wider variety of fabrics and colors.  Fibers in upholstery are generally broken into different categories, Synthetic and Natural.  We care for your upholstery using state of the art equipment and cleaning agents.

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