There are few things can cause the level of damage that can be an affliction on your home as a result of water or flood damage. Even the smallest leaks are more than enough to cause crippling long term damage and sky high repair costs. Look at your family room or your kitchen and imagine it with an half inch of water covering the floor. Especially with carpets, the foam pad under your carpets will hold gallons of water.  Count up the number of items that would be directly affected. Simply put, the greater the damage, the larger the repair bills.

Water damage restoration is much more complex than you think! The water needs to be extracted, if there is furniture in the room it will need to be moved and protected, affected carpet padding and carpet may need to be removed and disposed of, Base boards may need to be removed, disinfectant will need to be applied. Drying equipment such as fans and dehumidifiers will need to be set up to provide sufficient airflow to remove moisture from the flooring and structure. When everything is completely dry, we will come out to relay the carpet and install new padding. We can arrange if needed a carpenter to come out and repair any wood damage. After everything is clean and dry, now things are back to normal for you, your family and business.

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