Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services
Services Include:
Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Process, Spot Treatment, Heavy Traffic
treatment, and Deodorizer. 

Pricing and Fee’s



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What happens when I call?
Once you call us, we have our price sheet (listed above) we inquire about the number of rooms and the service you need. Just like we claim, if you ask for 3 rooms with no Scotchgard, the charge is $99 plus tax…to tricks. AND your carpets will be clean. We will schedule your appointment, we call you before the appointment to let you know we are on our way.


What about the $10 room special or other low-price specials?
When you see an offer for carpet cleaning for $10 a room, there’s a catch… We recommend you read the fine print. In the fine print, there will be a section regarding trip fees, square foot limitations (very small rooms), and even cleaning product limitations. Sometimes companies will charge you extra for pre-spray, which is the same as washing your dishes without soap. We offer a guarantee our service and we list our prices above. The average cost in Plano, Dallas area is $30-$35 per room, done the right way without cutting corners.


What is 3M Scotchgard™?
We offer as added protection. 3M Scotchgard™ is a carpet protector. The best time to apply Scotchgard™ Protector is right after steam cleaning. It repels liquids, so spills can be blotted up quickly and easily. Vacuuming is actually more effective with Scotchgard™ Protector. Dirt is more easily picked-up, and fewer passes are required with the vacuum.

  • Helps protect against both oil and water based stains
  • Helps carpet fibers resist soiling
  • Helps spills blot up before they become stains
  • Helps stains release more easily when carpet and upholstery is cleaned
  • Helps carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer
  • Effective against fruit drinks, soft drinks and frozen fruit treats
carpet_untreated carpet_treated


What kind of carpet cleaning unit do you use?
We perform all carpet cleaning with Professional Truck Mounted Equipment. We clean carpets heating the water to produce steam to 220 degrees. A Truck Mounted system is significantly more powerful and are able to get deep into the fibers of your carpet, whereas a portable system only reaches the top layers of your carpet.

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And why does this matter or what’s the difference between a portable?

The difference in comparison is like taking a damp towel and cleaning a stain of your shirt/pants versus putting that clothing item into your washing machine in terms of power of the machines. Just like in a car, horsepower is just better.You should be weary of any company that uses a portable unit to clean your carpets. Many local companies use portable units. In terms of quality, a trunk mount system is better.

What locations do you serve?
We service Addison, Allen, Anna, Carrollton, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Frisco, Garland, Lewisville, Little Elm, Lucas, McKinney, Melissa, Murphy, Parker, Plano, Princeton, Prosper, Richardson, Rowlett, Sachse, Southlake, The Colony, University Park, Wylie. If your city isn’t listed, we can still come to you, feel free to call us.



Common Stain Information

What about stains, are you trying to make me pay more? No, actually you paying more is not our goal. Our job is to make your carpets clean and healthy. Whether that means two cleanings a year or regular pet treatments for your carpet. We are NOT in the business of making you pay more. We will not bait and switch you. Aside from taxes, unless you specifically ask for additional treatment on your carpet, we will not charge you more than the prices listed above. There are different types of stains in your carpet. Common household contaminants, like dirt, oil from your feet, food particles, drink spills, etc. account for about 90-95% of common household stains can be removed through professional steam cleaning. The other 5-10% are usually pet stains, along with Red or Blue stains. Believe it or not, your canine’s urine accidents in the carpet mean more than you realize. There is detail about pet stains, as well as detail about Red/Blue stains in Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. Plain and simple: the chemical makeup of pet/red/blue stains are different than the others and require different cleaning agents. As such, they affect what we use to remove those particles from the carpet.



Our Cleaning Process

  • Pre-Inspect Carpet Area
  • Pre-Spot Areas of Concern
  • Pre-Condition carpets with environmentally friendly Cleaning Agents
  • Agitate Cleaning Agent into Carpets
  • Steam Clean Carpet at 220 Degrees
  • Use Rinsing Agent to Soften the feel of Carpet
  • Deodorize Carpet
  • Groom/Rake Carpet to Improve Air Circulation into Carpet Fibers (if needed)